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Atlee Mahorn, MBA First Realty Capital

Atlee Mahorn, MBA, First Realty Capital, leverages his extensive knowledge of CMBS loan origination and underwriting to assist owners in buying and refinancing hotels, multi-family, industrial, and self-storage facilities. Here's a detailed analysis of how his expertise benefits property owners:

1. CMBS Loan Origination: Mahorn's deep understanding of the Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) market allows him to effectively navigate the loan origination process. He identifies the best CMBS loan options for clients based on their specific needs, whether it's for acquiring new properties or refinancing existing ones. His ability to analyze market trends and lender requirements ensures that clients receive competitive loan terms.

2. Underwriting Expertise: With a strong background in underwriting, Mahorn evaluates the financial health of properties and their owners to ensure they meet the stringent criteria set by CMBS lenders. He meticulously reviews property cash flows, occupancy rates, tenant leases, and the borrower's financial stability to build a compelling case for loan approval.

3. Strategic Financing Solutions: Mahorn uses his knowledge to structure financing solutions that align with the client's long-term goals. For hotel owners, this might involve securing non-recourse loans with flexible terms to facilitate renovations or expansions. For multi-family and industrial property owners, he might focus on obtaining loans that offer the best interest rates and amortization schedules to maximize cash flow.

4. Property Improvement Plans (PIP): He understands the importance of Property Improvement Plans (PIP) for increasing the value of hotels and ensuring brand compliance. Mahorn assists hotel owners in obtaining CMBS loans that can finance these improvements, thereby enhancing the property's competitiveness and profitability.

5. Market Analysis: Mahorn's ability to conduct thorough market analyses helps clients understand the potential risks and rewards associated with their real estate investments. This insight is crucial for making informed decisions about buying, refinancing, or improving properties.

6. Risk Management: He advises clients on risk management strategies, including interest rate hedging with Swaps and Caps. This is particularly important for long-term loans where interest rate fluctuations can significantly impact borrowing costs.

7. Personalized Service: Mahorn provides personalized service, guiding clients through the complex process of CMBS loan origination and underwriting. He ensures that clients are well-informed and comfortable with every step, from application to closing.

8. Networking and Relationships: Leveraging his extensive network of industry contacts.

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