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First Realty Capital. First in Capital

First Realty Capital offers comprehensive solutions to hotel owners looking to buy and refinance hotels through various financing options. Here's a detailed analysis of how they assist in these processes:

1. CMBS Loans: They specialize in Commercial Mortgage-Backed Securities (CMBS) loans, also known as conduit loans. These loans are particularly advantageous for hotel owners because they often come with flexible terms, non-recourse structure, and relatively lenient credit requirements. This means hotel owners can secure financing without the risk of personal asset seizure in case of default.

2. Property Improvement Plans (PIP): For hotel owners looking to renovate or upgrade their properties, First Realty Capital can facilitate funding through CMBS loans. These loans can be used to cover costs associated with property improvements, which is crucial for maintaining competitiveness and compliance with brand standards.

3. Refinancing: They provide options for hotel owners to refinance existing debt. This can be beneficial for reducing interest rates, lowering monthly payments, or changing loan terms. Refinancing can also free up cash that can be used for property improvements or other investments.

4. Flexible Financing: First Realty Capital's expertise in SBA 504, 7a, USDA B&I, conventional, HUD, and FHA loans offers hotel owners a variety of financing options to choose from based on their specific needs and circumstances. This flexibility ensures that hotel owners can find the most suitable financing solution.

5. Interest Risk Management: With solutions like Swaps and Caps, they help hotel owners manage the risk associated with fluctuating interest rates. This is particularly important for long-term loans where interest rate changes can significantly impact the cost of borrowing.

6. Expertise and Guidance: Their team of experts provides personalized advice and guidance throughout the financing process. This includes helping hotel owners understand the various loan options, the application process, and how to best structure their financing to meet their goals.

7. Streamlined Process: First Realty Capital aims to make the loan application process as smooth and efficient as possible. They provide a checklist for getting a term sheet, which includes the necessary documentation and information required, streamlining the preparation for loan applications.

By offering a range of financing options and expert guidance, First Realty Capital enables hotel owners to secure the capital they need for purchasing, refinancing, or improving their properties, ensuring they can achieve their business objectives and enhance their property's value.

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