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Get a World Class Commercial Mortgage Broker

Why You Should Use a Commercial Mortgage Broker?

Are you in need of a commercial real estate loan? Maybe you're interested in purchasing commercial properties like a hotel, multi-family, industrial, mobile home parks, self-storage facilities, or you need to refinance your current commercial real estate loan. In either case, it is important to secure the right commercial financing with a trusted mortgage advisor to ensure you are getting the best financing to reach your long-term investment strategy.

With so many options available, it can be difficult to know which loan product is right for you. This is where the expertise of a commercial mortgage broker can be invaluable to you in your search for the best financing options as an investor.

The key benefits of working with a commercial mortgage broker is that they work with many experienced real estate investors, loan product and lenders.

A Commercial Mortgage Broker

A commercial mortgage broker acts as an intermediary between borrowers and lenders to help secure the best financing terms for commercial properties. They are experienced and trained in the intricacies of commercial lending and have a deep understanding of the various loan products available to borrowers.

A commercial mortgage broker is also known as a loan consultant. This title reflects their role as both a broker and consultant, highlighting the consultative approach to understand your investment strategy and then sourcing the best financing options that fit that strategy.

Brokers have access to a wide range of loan products and use their expertise to match borrowers with the best loan option for their investment strategy. As a loan consultant, they negotiate favorable terms and interest rates for their borrowers and help close deals throughout the real estate process.

The Difference Between a Commercial Mortgage Broker and a Commercial Real Estate Agent/Broker

A commercial mortgage broker is not the same as a commercial real estate agent/broker. While both professions work in the commercial real estate industry, they have different areas of expertise and cannot be used interchangeably.

Additionally, commercial real estate agents and brokers specialize in selling and leasing commercial properties, while a commercial mortgage broker specializes in sourcing and securing financing for commercial properties. However, both commercial mortgage brokers and commercial real estate agents/brokers work closely together and have an important role to play in the management and successful sale of commercial properties.

Benefits of Working with a Commercial Mortgage Broker

While saving on commercial mortgage broker fees may appeal to some investors, there are several reasons to work with a commercial mortgage broker, which could result in saving more money than it costs. Some of these reasons include: Maintaining Access to a Wide Range of Lending Options

Commercial mortgage brokers have access to a vast range of lending options that may not be available to borrowers who go directly to a lender. By working with a broker, you can access a larger pool of lenders and loan products which increases the likelihood of securing more competitive financing that better fits your investment strategy.

Commercial mortgage brokers are experts in the commercial lending market and understand the various loan products available to borrowers. Brokers use this expertise to help borrowers navigate the lending landscape and find the best financing options to achieve their goals. Some commercial mortgage brokers have experience in commercial banking and have worked directly for community, regional, and large commercial banks. These commercial mortgage brokers have a deep knowledge in underwriting commercial loans, securing loan approvals from senior credit committees, and navigating the loan process.

Securing the right financing for a commercial property can be a time-consuming process. Reaching out to several lenders, providing financial information to each lender, and answering the same questions numerous times can take days, sometimes weeks, out of your daily routine.

A commercial mortgage broker can find the best loan options and negotiate the best terms for you, freeing up your valuable time to focus on other real estate or traditional investments. Often, the amount of time a commercial mortgage broker can save you offsets the fee to engage in their services.

Getting Better Terms and Interest Rates

Commercial mortgage brokers have a wealth of experience negotiating loan terms and interest rates for commercial loans. By working with a broker, you can access their expertise and potentially secure better terms and lower interest rates than you would if you went directly to a lender. Brokers do this by creating competition between lenders who are interested in financing your commercial property.

Working with a commercial mortgage broker streamlines the financing process, making it faster and more efficient for everyone involved. Mortgage brokers handle all aspects of your loan application and negotiation, ensuring that everything is done correctly and on time. Brokers are educated on what third party reports are necessary to close your transaction on time and when they need to be ordered. They manage all parties throughout the loan process to ensure the loan closes on the scheduled closing date.

Minimizing Risk and Increasing Chances of Loan Approval

Working with a single lender instead of a commercial mortgage broker is akin to putting all your eggs in one basket. A commercial mortgage broker can minimize that risk by choosing the proper lender and product from their wide range of networking sources to satisfy your capital needs.

Commercial mortgage brokers submit your loan application to multiple lenders to ensure they get the best deal for you. This increases your chances of getting your loan funded while also giving the broker bargaining power while negotiating with lenders.

Furthermore, if an unordinary event occurs with a lender, a commercial mortgage broker typically will have back up lenders that have already analyzed your loan request. Although, this is not the ideal process, having back up lenders can save you time and could be the reason why you close on time.

Commercial mortgage brokers typically get paid at closing. This means they are motivated to find, orchestrate, and execute the financing deal as quickly and efficiently as possible while keeping your best interests a priority.


Working with a commercial mortgage broker to help find the best loan products at the best rates is the most efficient method for securing your financing needs. Regardless of the types of commercial loans you need, a qualified commercial mortgage broker can immediately begin to help you navigate your options through their vast network of lender relationships.

Our commercial mortgage broker team has been helping investors finance their commercial real estate since 2006. We have arranged financing on most types of commercial real estate, including, multi-family, mobile home parks, retail, office, hotels, industrial, self-storage, single tenant, mixed-use properties.

Find out why First Realty Capital is the go-to commercial mortgage advisors for commercial real estate investors in the United States by connecting with us today at 561-809-5961 or online at

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