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Bank Reserves:

Bank reserves play a critical role in the overall health of the financial system.

When there is risk that borrowers may miss payments, banks must set aside funds

(called reserves) to cover potential defaults.

Prolonged stress in the commercial real estate (CRE) market poses a direct risk to

banks, especially smaller community and regional institutions with higher CRE loan

concentrations relative to capital.

As bank-held commercial mortgages mature, borrowers face challenges in refinancing

their loans, especially following substantial increases in interest rates over the past 18


Core PCE and Inflation:

The Core PCE is an essential inflation measure monitored by the Federal Reserve.

Rising inflation can lead to higher interest rates, impacting commercial loan rates.

As inflation affects the overall economy, it indirectly influences CRE financing


3. Strong Dollar:

A strong U.S. dollar impacts CRE financing in several ways:

Foreign Investment: A strong dollar attracts foreign investors seeking higher

returns. They may invest in U.S. commercial properties, affecting demand and valuations.

Exchange Rates: A stronger dollar relative to other currencies can make U.S.

properties more expensive for foreign buyers.

Interest Rate Differentials: If the U.S. offers higher interest rates than other

countries, it can attract capital inflows, impacting CRE financing terms.

4. Equity and Refinancing Risks:

Owners of commercial properties have refinanced at high valuations, taking advantage

of low interest rates.

As property valuations decrease, the debt attached to these properties may exceed their

current worth.

Owners are unlikely to reinvest the money they've taken off the table into distressed


Some may choose to hand back the keys if significantly underwater.

In summary, the interplay of bank reserves, inflation indicators like Core PCE, and currency strength affects CRE financing conditions. As the market evolves, borrowers, lenders, and investors must navigate these factors to make informed decisions.

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